Corona-Ausschuss 44: Vera Sharav

So langsam könnte sich eventuell ein kleines Transkriptions-Netzwerk entwickeln? Nachdem der „Mehrdenker“ sich die Mühe gemacht hatte, die Aussagen des ehemaligen Familienrichters Hans-Christian Prestien zu transkribieren, erhielt ich noch eine E-mail eines Lesers, der mir ein (teils automatisch erstelltes) Transkript der bereits vorige Woche in einem kurzen Teaser angerissenen Aussagen der Holocaust-Überlebenden Vera Sharav zur Verfügung gestellt hat. Die deutschen Übersetzungen habe ich aus Zeitgründen weggelassen, kleinere Transkriptions-, Verständnis- und Rechtschreibfehler bitte ich zu entschuldigen.

Reiner Füllmich: I hope I’m pronouncing (…) your last name correctly. (…) Are you, can you hear us?

Yes, i can (…).

Reiner Füllmich: Yes. I’m so glad. (…) You know, I’m sorry. I have to apologize. I, you may have heard what Dr. Mike Yeadon told us? Okay. We think it’s important that (…) people hear his warnings. And I’m pretty sure that you agree with him.

Unfortunately, I think I know where it’s all leading.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah. Can you, I know who you are. Everybody knows who you are, should know who you are. But can you first …

(…) I’d like to sort offset this, you know, because my perspective is different from others. I’m not a scientist, but. So as a child survivor of the Nazi Reign of Terror, I learned indelible lessons about the nature of evil. I know the consequences of being stigmatized and demonized as a spreader of disease. My perspective is formed by my experience, by the historical record, and by the empirical evidence.

We were required, as Germans know, to wear a yellow Star of David to identify us, to segregate Jews, exclusionary laws barred families from normal life, from attending ordinary activities. Our property was impounded, we were forbidden to participate in all educational, religious, cultural gatherings. Travel was forbidden for Jews, so there was no escape.

These painful memories from my childhood sensitized me to the threat posed by current restrictive government dictates. You know, in 1776, Benjamin Rush, a doctor, and signer of the Declaration of Independence, foresaw the danger of medicine organizing as, what he called, an undercover dictatorship. Under the Nazi regime, moral norms were systematically obliterated. The medical profession and institutions were radically transformed; academic science, the military, industry and clinical medicine were tightly interwoven, as they are now.

The Nazi system destroyed a social conscience. In the name of public health, violations against individuals and classes of human beings were institutionalized. Eugenics driven public health policies replaced the physicians‘ focus on the good of the individual. German medical profession and institutions were perverted. Coercive public health policies violated individual, civil and human rights. Criminal methods were used to enforce policies. Nazi propaganda used fear of infectious epidemics to demonize Jews as spreaders of disease, as a menace to public health.

This is a homemark of anti semitism: blame the Jewish people for existential threats. In the Middle Ages, Jews were blamed for the bubonic plague and the black plague. Fear and propaganda were the psychological weapons, the Nazis used to impose a genocidal regime. And today, some are beginning to understand why the German people didn’t rise up. Fear kept them from doing the right thing. Medical mandates today are a major step backward toward a fascist dictatorship and genocide. Government dictates medical interventions, these undermine our dignity as well as our freedom. First it was vaccination mandates for children. Now it’s for adults.

Reiner Füllmich: Let me translate that Vera because it’s really important and probably, this in this clarity, it’s never been explained before. (…) Vera Sharav, how do you pronounce your last name?

Absolutely the way you say, it’s an Israeli name.

Reiner Füllmich: Okay, good.

(Zusammenfassende Übersetzung ins Deutsche)

The stock (…) lesson (…) of the Holocaust is, that whenever doctors join forces with government and deviate from their personal professional clinical commitment to do no harm to the Individual, medicine can then be perverted from a healing humanitarian profession to a murderous apparatus.

You know, the reason that the Greeks made the students of medical schools, before they were allowed into medical school, to swear the Hippocratic Oath, was because they knew that in medicine, you gain knowledge about how you can actually kill. And they had to promise, that they would do no harm, otherwise they weren’t allowed in medical school. I think they were ahead of us in understanding human nature.

Reiner Füllmich: Absolutely. Yeah.

What sets the Holocaust apart from all other mass genocides, is the pivotal role played by the medical establishment, the entire medical establishment. Every step of the murderous process was endorsed by the academic and professional medical establishment. Medical Doctors and prestigious medical, some societies and institutions, lent the veneer of legitimacy, to infanticide, mass murder of civilians.

T4 was the first industrialized medical murder project in history. The first victims were disabled German infants and children under three. They were identified by midwives, who reported their existence to the state. The next victims were the mentally ill, followed by the elderly in nursing homes. The murderers‘ operations were methodical and followed protocol very, very carefully. Questionnaires were sent out to all psychiatric institutions, requiring detailed information about each patient. A committee of 54 psychiatrists made the final life and death decisions for each patient.

Now, the objective of T4 was to eliminate the economic burden of those the regime and the doctors deemed worthless eaters. And it was also to empty beds to make room for wounded soldiers during the war. T4 also served as a testing ground for various lethal chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The financial beneficiaries of the Nazi genocide, were the corporate elite. Their record of collaboration with genocidal regimes is uninterrupted. Without the financial support of Wall Street bankers and collaboration by major US German and Swiss corporations, that provided the chemical, the industrial and the technological material, Hitler could not have carried out this unprecedented industrialized, murderous operations.

Among the companies that profiteer from the Holocaust, Standard Oil and Chase Manhattan, both owned by Rockefellers, IBM, Coda, Ford, Coca Cola, Nestle, BMW, and of course, IG Farben, and there are as well others. IG Farben was the largest World War Two profiteer. Using Auschwitz patients as slave laborers, doctors actually sent those, whom they deemed able to be slave laborers, to the IG Farben factories and mines. They also had their own cap. They also conducted experiments.

IBM technology facilitated the rapid implementation of the Holocaust. Census data was contained in IBM computer punch cards. The Jews of Europe were quickly identified, rounded up, segregated, deported, tracked, imprisoned, tattooed, enslaved and exterminated.

COVID 19 pandemic has exposed eugenics driven public health policies in Western Europe and the United States. This is a chilling replay of T4. Government directives to hospitals and nursing homes essentially condemned the elderly to death. In Europe and the United States, hospitals were ordered not to treat, not to provide medical treatment, including oxygen, to elderly people in nursing homes. Several US governors sent infected elderly people to nursing homes, knowing that they lacked essential safeguards to prevent the spread of the virus. Before he issued the executive order that sent 15,000, more than 15,000 human beings to deaths, Governor Cuomo of New York State predicted, that the virus would be like fire through dry grass in nursing homes.

The corporate media Academy of Science awarded Governor Cuomo an Emmy for his TV performances that were billed as, what were they billed as? They’re always euphemisms. But the point was, he was giving the happenings of how the virus was progressing and what was being done. And the implication was, that the White House wasn’t doing it, so he was doing it for it.

Reiner Füllmich: I saw that.

(…) Briefings, that was the term, that was used. Of course we have since found out, since the Attorney General report, that it was all a lie and that he concealed. He concealed the number of deaths. So he knew: when people conceal a crime, they know it’s a crime. Yeah.

Reiner Füllmich: Let me, let me translate.


Viviane Fischer: Ich wollte noch eins ergänzen, das hat mich auch irgendwie gerade auch wirklich erschüttert, dass sie (…) auch gerade sagte, dass dann auch die Hebammen die Kinder quasi schon bei der Geburt verraten haben. Also, wer da jetzt behindert zur Welt gekommen ist, also ich weiß nicht, ein Bein fehlt, oder ich weiß nicht, was dann das Kriterium ist, ja wo, ab wann ist man ein (…) lebensunwerter, nutzloser Esser? Also dass das bereits schon, also auf der Ebene sich abgespielt hat, wirklich grauenvoll. Und dass sie auch noch erwähnt hat, dass eben da diese 53 oder 54 Psychiater auch als Herren über Leben und Tod, denen dann die Entscheidung vorgelegt wurde, zum Beispiel, welcher behinderte Mensch ist jetzt eben nicht wert, mehr dabei zu sein. Und ich find das auch besonders schrecklich, weil, ich hatte ja auch schon einmal gesagt, mein Großonkel, Heinrich Feuerstein, katholischer Priester, (…) Pfarrer. Der hat ja genau diese(n) T4-Entschluss der Nazis öffentlich kritisiert, hat sich dagegengestellt, mehrfach von der Kanzel eben gepredigt. Und ist dann ja schließlich auch für sein Engagement gegen diese, wirklich, Euthanasie. Wie will man es nennen? Es ist ja also, Mörder, Mörderkonstellation der Nazis. Ist ja dann auch abgeholt worden von der Gestapo und ja dann schließlich seinerseits in Dachau im KZ, da zu Tode gekommen, ja, an den Haftbedingungen. Aber ich finde, es ist wirklich, also gerade das berührt mich, diese Konstellation hier auch nochmal. Ist ja wirklich, also auch jetzt sozusagen für meine Familie auch in gewisser Weise, wenn man sich das so anhört, eine Art Replay. Ich hoffe, nicht mit diesem Ausgang. Aber es ist wirklich schockierend, ja.

Reiner Füllmich: We all know this Vera, but it’s still, it’s shocking to hear this over again and to see it in context to see what’s going on right now. It’s simply shocking. And Viviane pointed out, that her – was war das, dein Groß-?

Viviane Fischer: (…) Great uncle.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah, her great uncle was a priest and he tried, and preached, wanted to protect the people from this T4 program, eventually he was, he too was put into a concentration camp and he died there so she is, even Viviane is personally touched by this and she’s just hoping that this time, we will have another, a different outcome. I’m sure we will, but it’s not going to be without a very very serious fight.

Very serious. Okay, if you let me go on with what I have and then you can always ask me questions. In 2006, during the avian flu epidemic, H5N1, a panel of public health officials advised the Bush administration to institute quarantines and closures and measured lockdowns. Their recommendations to consider these lockdowns were completely rejected by Dr. Donald Henderson, who was an acclaimed real Eradicator of, among other things, smallpox. And he wrote a report. He was the primary author, there were three of them. And the report was in opposition to what he called unscientific measure. And this is what he said. I quote:

Experience has shown, that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events, respond best, with the least anxiety, when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted. Strong political and public health leadership to provide reassurance and to ensure that needed medical care services are provided are critical elements. If either is seen to be less than optimal, a manageable epidemic could move toward catastrophe.

Today, debate is forbidden. A doctor is not allowed to say that. The virus is being exploited to maintain a state of fear. Lockdowns had in this time around proved to be very effective tool for social control, but they failed to change the course of the virus.

People are being conditioned to submit passively to government dictate. Children who are deprived of an education, are being conditioned to distrust people. Mandatory masks are an insidious psychological weapon. They demean our dignity as free human beings. They do not work in this or any epidemic and they are the symbolic equivalent of the Yellow Star.

Study after study has found that Lockdowns destroyed millions of lives and livelihoods, throwing millions of people into poverty. Even the Wall Street Journal has conceded that lockdowns were not worth the pain. However, for global oligarchs, the COVID pandemic has been a financial bonanza. American billionaires increased their vast personal wealth by $2.2 trillion dollars, just in 2020.

So I guess, we really can’t overlook this strong financial incentive for lockdowns that destroy competition, all the local industries in most cities certainly have gone bankrupt. We’re supposed to only buy from the large Amazon’s. This is planned. Doctors and scientists who express views that challenge official dictates, are treated as heretics. They are threatened with loss of livelihood. And I’m sure you know some of them.

Reiner Füllmich: Oh Yeah.

Anyone who questions the safety of vaccines, that have been rushed through operation warp speed, is muzzled and vilified by the media. Now, these COVID-19 vaccine contracts under operation warp speed are totally confidential. They’ve even used a middle contractor, who does things for the military. So, that those contracts can’t be acquired under FOIA, Freedom of Information Act. They’re not in government custody. Why? Why the secret witness?

Why is the CEO of Pfizer really tried to blackmail Argentina, in Brazil, others can examine, what the financial reasoning for wanting such absolute control and assurance, that they could (…) not be sued. I mean, going to the extent (…) of requiring them to give their military bases, their banks and to put, to get insurance in other countries. I mean, all this collateral, why? What does he know, is in the data, that we don’t know. If there’s nothing to hide, why are they so anxious? No matter, that governments have given them immunity, they already have immunity. It’s not enough.

Bill Gates stated in 2020, that the final solution to the pandemic will be a vaccine. You can decide, what that means. Of course, he’s referring to he, and he knows he’s old enough. But in other words, this is a kind of final solution. To ensure compliance with COVID vaccines, governments, have instituted unprecedented aggressive measures. This is primarily to ensure a vigorous cash flow. They’re already talking about the vaccines being required every year. That’s again, advisors to you, „Why not?“ They haven’t yet even cashed in. I mean, the vaccination only began in the middle of December. What will their profits look like at the end of 2021?

Reiner Füllmich: I’ll translate this, Vera.


(…) Why do you think this is happening? (…) For what reason are (…) the self-appointed corporate (…) and political (…) elites? And I think, the political elites don’t really play a role here. Most of them are just (…) just stupid idiots, more or less. But why are they pushing for this? What is the ultimate goal? What are they after?

Read „The Great Reset“.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah. Okay.

Klaus Schwab. That is a must now. It’s laid out. It’s laid out. And it’s essentially, it’s to finish the job. Only now, it’s global. It’s to go beyond Hitler. Hitler only looked at Europe and taking over Russia. But still, he didn’t think global. This is global. It’s about population reduction. That’s always been the oligarchs‘ goal since (…) John D. Rockefeller. And power, control. The technology today is far superior to IBM’s punchcards. What they are doing with this virus, is to institute absolutely unprecedented, oppressive and repressive elements, that imprison us in our homes. They will – we’re being tracked, surveyed. You know that green passports are now being instituted to have (…) an apartheid to class society, one class privileged, the other reviled and discriminated against. Sounds familiar?

Reiner Füllmich: Absolutely.

We’ll get those detention camps follow. And how will people be killed? The Nazis used tattoos to identify and track Jews well, so that they don’t escape, right? Well, now we’ve got even invasive tracking surveillance technology. Already done. It’s been developed, thanks to Bill Gates, he financed these, (…) including chip tattoos (…). Now this Great Reset is the master plan, just as Hitler had a master plan, the Great Reset or the New World Order or the Fourth Industrial Revolution? This is a plan and it’s out in the open and it’s been, you know, he published it. COVID, as he indicated himself, Klaus Schwab, has provided, is a wonderful opportunity to Reset. Did any of us given form of consent to a reset of the world?

Reiner Füllmich: No way.

Well, shouldn’t we? Shouldn’t we be asked?

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah.

But this is just it. This has gone so far. Doctor, you done talk before, I heard just the last, you know, ten minutes about how the (…) government agencies are giving a pass on under the radar, and what’s all that about? Yes, they’ve already taken, the oligarchs already own governments. I don’t believe, that the way this COVID virus, it’s not the virus, that’s the problem. It’s the eugenics, that’s the problem. It’s never gone away. And this is, and that class, the elites truly believe that, they are Übermenschen. And we are all Untermenschen. That is what is driving this. So money, of course, but power. Power is, it’s like a drug, I think there are people who are absolutely evil, they do not recognize the human species as being one. Once you start having these two class systems, you will not prevent a global Holocaust. And they can do it remotely. Click, click!

Reiner Füllmich: If we let them.

If we let them. Now, I do want – in case you have not heard about this, this is terribly important, because this a new and documented investigative report just came out in February. Schwab family values, you must read that. Father and son, each collaborated with genocidal regimes and this includes the comic cludes, the Nazis, one generation a continuum by the sun including dealing with the South African apartheid regime. You must read it and you must interview him and get the documents.

He documented – I’ve been looking for this and nothing, I couldn’t find anything on the website, it was all wiped out. Nothing on the website tells you anything about Klaus Schwab before 1970. The man was born in 1938. And then when he appeared suddenly he had, I don’t know, 20 doctorates, and they’re all in Harvard (…). I mean, it was just, this is a continuum. He provides the intellectual reasoning. And really, it’s a protocol, how they’re going to work. They don’t just want to control us, the way they are now telling us, when we, how far distance we make, stay from one another and be masked and all that. They also want to control our mind, our thinking. They want to know what we’re thinking. And they already evidently have the, you know, technology has gone way, way, way beyond its scope that it should, just as medicine has. Just this government has, government should not be interfering in our personal lives, in our medical choices. What is that? Where did that come from? It started with the Nazis. That, that’s really why is my hope, while I’m still, I never thought, that I would be alive to be again afraid. Have the same elements, I’m afraid from the same people.

I think (…) that as a Jew, who was persecuted under that regime, I believe that you, Germans, this generation, must lead this fight. We are connected. We were the victims, your ancestors, right, were the perpetrators. We now must work together because each one of us, and there is, I’m sure, there’s a memory going on in Germany among Germans. Got to plug into that and say, This is this time around. We won’t let them get away with it. Because it, really, it’s worse.

Reiner Füllmich: It is worse. We won’t let him get away with this and you’re right. Let me translate this.


We spoke with Naomi Wolf a week ago. And she alerted us to what this digital, it’s a digital passport, this green passport, what it can do. And it turns us in …

… in everything you want, your banking … You know, there are visionaries there, you know, the books, that could have been written. Yeah, I mean, those things, they grasp things. You know, artists do grasp things, before the rest of us do. And the tragedy really was that, you know, there were people, that was for example, a leader out there talking about this to people in Israel, because that’s another target I have to deal with. Who warned the European Jews in Eastern Europe: „Get out, leave! Places going to burn down, get out, leave!“ And of course, most didn’t because, you know, conspiracy theories. They didn’t call it that then, but it was sort of: „What is he talking about? You know, we’re perfectly. You know, we’re all right, nothing’s gonna happen to us.“ Luckily my husbands father took him seriously, left Lithuania and went to Israel and then brought the wife and the baby and they were saved and the others weren’t.

Reiner Füllmich: Same is, I think it’s going to happen almost the same way again, except this time we’re going to stop them and for good.

Really, okay.

Reiner Füllmich: It’s funny, very, but it’s probably not a coincidence, that we have been speaking with and interviewing a number of people, who are Jewish or Israeli, and that there’s a really close cooperation that has come from this. And it’s, it continues. And I think you’re absolutely right. It’s us, we have to work together in order to stop this. But I’m, you know, the other day I spoke with one of the lawyers, who were quiet, I, (…) we have set up an international legal cooperation, it works really, really well. Including the Australian speaker, because the Australians, the Canadians, the Americans, because we need that legal system, because it’s the only one that has this powerful tool of class actions. And this very powerful tool of pre-trial-discovery, which is the best law of evidence that anybody has ever had. And our friend Michael Swinwood, he’s a Canadian lawyer who’s been working with (…) indigenous people, for two or three decades now. And he says, he agrees with you. And we’re going to file another international class action, this time for children only. And he says, (…) of course, he realized, (…) that the precursor to this is what happened in the Third Reich. But he says, it’s it goes beyond that, because of – he started out representing indigenous people, because they have always been the target of genocidal fantasies. And he says – and I think you agree with this – it used to be only the Indians. Now, we’re all Indians. That’s probably, what we are. That’s why this is global. And that’s why we have to join forces and collaborate in order to stop this.

You know, one of the dangers right now, is that, just as it was in the 30s, politically, the factions fighting each other. That’s all set up. That’s all set up, you know, Black Lives Matter, except in public health, where it’s institutionalized racism. So, those are diverted to attention, for what they’re really doing. One of the things that I hope, that you’ll do with some of your class action lawsuits, is: Use the Nuremberg Code.

Reiner Füllmich: Absolutely.

Use that Nuremberg Code again. You and I have a good reason to rely on that. And, you know, it’s been cited. I know, I was involved in two cases in the United States, where judges, you know, cited it and absolutely used it. And nobody’s ever challenged it. The beauty of the Nuremberg Code, which is why (…) all the (…) ones on the other side, really, particularly (…) the officials of public health, they hate it. They hate the Nuremberg, (…) they even, you know, the Helsinki is a little bit of a watering down as well, because the Nuremberg Code can’t be changed. It’s like the 10 commandments.

Reiner Füllmich: Yes, it is.

You know, it was that, that legal decision was not challenged, the Nuremberg Code stands, and they don’t know what to do with it. You see, that’s the problem. Helsinki, as you know, it changes every few years, depending on what’s okay, what’s not okay. No, no, the Nuremberg says, you’re a subject. Right, not a participant. And these are experiments, not studies. The language is terribly, terribly important. Everything in public health is done in euphemisms. Never straightforward when they want to do a pesticide experiment. And children. They call it: „Cheers“. When they experimented on premature infants, where one were given a lot of oxygen, the other very little and some 23 babies died, wouldn’t have, if they would have been in regular care. They call it support. And, you know, the women about to give birth, thought support, oh, that means they’re going to support me in this difficult time. You know, it’s a premature baby. I’m afraid. That’s how they hooked up. And, of course, in these kinds of experiments, yeah, it’s Blacks, and Hispanics.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah. That is, I spoke with, of course with Michael Swinwood, who alerted me to the fact that even close to 100 years ago, the Indians, the Canadian Indians, probably the American Indians as well, were used for all kinds of medical experiments. And then I spoke, with an old Australian aborigine, he supports a group of lawyers, who are fighting this in Australia. And he says, this is in the 1940s, when he was a child, his mother was smart enough, to realize and to understand the danger of what was going on, because they were vaccinating people back then, they were vaccinating Aborigines, using them as guinea pigs. He said my mother was smart enough, she took us, the children, and we moved, move from one place to another, whenever they came closer. And that’s how they survived and everybody else died or got seriously ill. Yeah, let me translate again.


This is why from the very start, when I first realized, what was going on, I thought this (…) is the worst ever series of crimes against humanity ever committed. And we’re going to have to (…) look back and we’re going to have to make use of the Nuremberg Code, because that is the most important result of the Nuremberg trials. Yeah, you know, of course, that there is (…) an Israeli couple, who I am in touch with, who filed a complaint with the International. Yeah, good people, I’m going to have to talk to them again. But as you can see, it does seem to be working. But no one can do it by themselves. It has to be all of us joining forces and fighting this together.

Oh, I agree, it’s very important, not to be splintered. But it’s all written out. You see, you can use the plan, the master plan, that this is where they’re going. And this is not just this one person Klaus Schwab, he leads that, he initiated it. But this is a global cabal, yeah.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah, it is. It’s probably no more than, say 3000 people, who are at the very top of this, unfortunately, they’re in there. They’re the oligarchs you’re talking about, but there’s also members of the churches, and …

Everyone has been given grants, or whatever. Everybody’s been bribed. So everybody’s on board. Yes. And, of course, the media, in that sense, like they’ve been planning this for a long time. One of the things for example, which was, you know, something, nobody else looked at it. It was somebody who wrote, Bill Gates was the only one through the Gates Foundation, nice tax exempt, all this foundation of this very much. He was one, who started very early, to fund reporters, journalists schools. So in other words, you already trained them by the time, they go for their jobs at CNN, or CBS or whatever, they’re already indoctrinated.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah, that’s, that’s a major problem. We spoke about this early today, when our chief legal adviser professor, Martin Schwab – not related! When he (…) told us, yeah, alerted our attention, once again, to this fact. It’s the media. It’s the mainstream media, we call them the old media as opposed to the independent media. It’s the media through which all this propaganda is working. And they’ve been paying them off for a long time, for probably at least a decade, if not longer.

Very long. And look in, the internet is the tech. And that’s been totally, I mean, how did they come about in the first place? Most of these, most of the technology was developed by the US military.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah, yeah, they invested in Amazon, they invested in Google etc.

Yeah, that’s right. And I would love, you know, here’s something. I would love to know, what deal was made in 1995 between the US Justice Department and Bill Gates? At that time, he was absolutely going to lose everything. They found, you know, they found the goods. And then suddenly, he became a philanthropist. That was how it happened. So the question is: What changed? What got the Justice Department off his back?

Reiner Füllmich: There must have been a deal. It’s very, very obvious.

Yes, exactly. (…) These are a lot of these things. And, like, if one opens one’s eyes and looks at things, and you start to understand. But the trouble is, this is a little bit, again, I think, this was in preparation, which is most young people fell in love with the technology. It’s addictive. The iPhone is absolutely addictive. You walk along the street, people aren’t even looking at the lights, they’re looking. They wake up and you see now it’s almost like a child with a teddy bear. Can you imagine a child, imagine that that teddy bear which it loves, is going to really do something against them? They can’t believe, the tracking that that’s been used for, the accumulation of all their personal secrets, you know, relationships and whatever. They don’t, they can’t connect that, they (…) think that they were nuts.

Reiner Füllmich: Let me translate that, too.


Yeah, that’s a really interesting question. There must have been a deal, quite obviously.

Can I just quote one thing from Klaus Schwab. So we know, that this downwards:

The pandemic represents a rare, narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world. Nothing will ever return to the broken sense of normality, that prevented that (…) prior to the crisis, because the corona virus problems marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory. What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to, is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.

This is transhumanism, in other words, but they’re serious. I know, when I first heard even about the concept of transhumanism, I said, well, that’s ridiculous. That was some years ago. And now, there it is, yes. This is what they’re planning. And it got a lot of the technology, to do it.

Reiner Füllmich: I know. We see this danger. I do think, these people are stark raving mad.

Yeah, but they, look, so did everyone outside think Hitler was stark raving mad, it’s exactly the same thing.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah, we do. We are taking this seriously. Absolutely.


Okay, Vera. (…) I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight, but it’s important to know these things. It’s important that this has always been my firm conviction. We have to know what’s going on. If we don’t know what’s going on, we’re not going to make the right choices. That’s why I’m extremely grateful for you being here. We will (…) stay in touch. I think we must stay in touch. (…) And we will stop this.

(…) That is, what they’ve so far succeeded, is that people prefer, to be look out the way. And they don’t realize, that their entire life is, you know, they think, is they’ve got people convinced, that by keepings – quote – its physical distance we’re talking about, and masking, that they’re doing the right thing, they’re being good citizens.

Reiner Füllmich: Yeah.


Oh man.

Viviane Fischer: (…)

Reiner Füllmich: Oh, wow. Vera, thank you very, very much. We will be in touch. I think, if we can -(…) and we can – hopefully, we’re going to be moving in the right direction from here on. And we will be able to talk to you again under maybe a lot better circumstances. But up until then we’ll  just keep corporate, yeah.

I hope so. You’ll get your champagne and I’ll get mine.

Reiner Füllmich: Okay, great, excellent. Well, thank you very, very much. This was shocking, but very helpful, I think.

I hope so.

Reiner Füllmich: Despite all of this, have a great weekend.

(…) Thank you, you too.

Reiner Füllmich: Thank you very much. Bye bye.

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